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Brain Cancer treatment details. Biologic therapy. Chemotherapy. Radiation. Surgery. University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

Survival: 26.5 months
Toxicity Grade: 3
Treatments: Biologic therapy
Country: Germany
City/State/Province: Regensburg
Hospital: University of Regensburg
Journal: Link
Date: 4/2004

Patients: This Phase II study involved a total of 23 patients: 10 with glioblastoma multiforme, 7 with anaplastic astrocytoma, 5 with anaplastic oligoastrocytoma, and 1 with anaplastic oligodendroglioma. All these patients were in remission after receiving surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. (Patients had received various types of chemotherapy including: ACNU/VM26, temozolomide, and PCV).

Treatment: The treatment consisted of 13-cis retinoid acid. 13-cis retinoid acid is one of several natural retinoids synthesized in the liver from a vitamin A precursor. The therapy was administered to maintain the remissions.

Toxicity: Toxicities included musculoskeletal aches and arthritis-type joint pains (grade 1-3), dermatological (grade 1-2), ocular (grade 1-2), gastrointestinal (grade 1-2), and metabolic (grade 1-2).

Results: Median overall survival for the glioblastoma patients (from time of diagnosis) was 114 weeks (26.5 months).

Correspondence: C. Wismeth

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