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Melanoma treatment details. Immunotherapy. University of Medical Sciences , Poznan , Poland

Survival: 17.3 months
Toxicity Grade: 2
Treatments: Immunotherapy
Country: Poland
City/State/Province: Poznan
Hospital: University of Medical Sciences
Journal: Link
Date: 5/2015

This phase 2 study involved 77 advanced melanoma patients with an average age of 51.7 years; 48% were male.

Patients received immunotherapy with a melanoma vaccine called AGI-101H, which is composed of human allogeneic (not identical to the patient) cells that are meant to direct the immune system to attack cancer cells.

The most severe toxicities were of grade 2 and included fever, sweating, and injection site reactions.

The median overall survival was 17.3 months.

Correspondence: Dr. Jacek Mackiewicz; email:

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