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Breast Cancer treatment details. Gene Therapy. Imperial College School of Medicine, London, United Kingdom

Survival: ?
Toxicity Grade:
Treatments: Gene Therapy
Country: United Kingdom
City/State/Province: London
Hospital: Imperial College School of Medicine
Journal: Link
Date: 7/1999

Patients: This Phase I study involved 12 women with skin metastasis from breast cancer. These patients all had over-expression of the erbB-2 oncogene. All patients had received prior therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal therapy.)

Treatment: The treatment consisted of a type of gene therapy (intratumoral injection of a plasmid construct combined with systemic administration of a prodrug).

Toxicity: The authors state that this treatment “was shown to be safe,” and did not detail any toxicities.

Results: Overall survival was not discussed.

Correspondence: Nicholas R. Lemoine, MD

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