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Breast Cancer treatment details. Biologic therapy. Chemotherapy. Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Survival: ?
Toxicity Grade: 4
Treatments: Biologic therapy
Drugs: Adriamycin
Country: Australia
City/State/Province: Clayton
Hospital: Monash University
Journal: Link
Date: 5/2005

Patients: This phase I study involved 30 patients with various metastatic cancers. The patients were divided into three groups.

Group A had 16 patients (8 men, 8 women) with advanced metastatic cancers. The median age was 55 years. The tumor types included sarcoma (4), prostate (3), breast (2), and renal (2). Two patients had prior chemotherapy treatment, and six had prior radiotherapy.

Treatment: Patients in Group A were treated with one chemotherapeutic agent: doxorubicin (DOX). In addition, hyaluronan (HA) was concurrently administered. Hyaluronan is a large, naturally occurring polysaccharide that can help target antitumor drugs to cancerous tissues in previous studies.

Toxicity: In Group A, DOX-only treatment and DOX+HA treatment resulted in the following grade 1-4 toxicities: leukopenia, neutropenia, anorexia, dehydration, constipation, fatigue, and pain. In addition, grade 1-4 nausea was observed for DOX-only treatment.

Results: The authors conclude that co-administering HA does not alter the effectiveness of any anticancer drugs.

Correspondence: Tracey J. Brown

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