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Colon Cancer treatment details. Chemotherapy. Surgery. University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville KY, United States

Survival: 30.0 months
Toxicity Grade: 3
Treatments: Chemotherapy
Country: United States
City/State/Province: Louisville KY
Hospital: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Journal: Link
Date: 4/2006

Patients: This Phase II study involved 21 patients (8 men, 13 women, median age 55) with advanced colorectal cancer with unresectable liver metastases. All patients received chemotherapy before the study.

Treatment: Treatment consisted of a surgical technique (radiofrequency ablation) with hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy. Multiple therapeutic agents were used and were not the focus of the study.

Toxicity: No adverse toxicities were observed. The only toxicities mentioned were diarrhea (grade 3), elevated liver enzymes, and rectal bleeding.

Results: The median overall survival was 30 months. The authors concluded, "Given the complications and toxicity associated with HAI pump
chemotherapy, adjuvant HAI chemotherapy after RFA of liver metastases may not be warranted as a first line treatment option."

Support: Arrow Corporation supported this study. Arrow manufactures and/or markets the infusion pumps used in this study.

Correspondence: Robert C.G. Martin, II

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