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Brain Cancer treatment details. Biologic therapy. Radiation. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, United States

Survival: 9.0 months
Toxicity Grade: 4
Treatments: Biologic therapy
Country: United States
City/State/Province: Boston, MA
Hospital: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Journal: Link
Date: 9/2006

Patients: This phase II study involved 12 children with newly diagnosed brain stem gliomas and 1 with glioblastoma multiforme. The median age was 6 years old, ranging from 2-14 years old.

Treatment: All patients received radiation therapy followed by thalidomide. Thalidomide is an anti-angiogenic drug.

Toxicity: One grade 4 toxicity occurred (thrombosis). Grade 3 toxicities included lymphopenia, thrombosis, constipation, hydrocephalus, motor neuropathy, infection, abnormal liver function tests, and hypersensitivity. The authors state that ‘there was some suggestion that combining focal radiation and thalidomide was more toxic than treating patients with radiation alone’.

Results: The median survival time was 9 months. No patient completed all the planned thalidomide treatments, and all have died from disease progression.

Support: The costs of data management were supported by Celgene Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Correspondence: Dr. Christopher Turner

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