Lung Cancer Update

Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007
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The latest edition of CancerWire focuses on lung cancer.

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer related deaths among men and women in the industrialized countries. According to the 1986 National Cancer Institute (NCI) Fact Book, the five-year relative survival rate for lung and bronchus cancer in white patients was 13% and it was 11% in black patients. According to the 2006 NCI Fact Book those percentages were 15% and 12% respectively. In other words, the survival rate improved 2% for white patients and 1% for black patients over a 20 year period.

Also, according to the NCI, in the last five years alone, over a billion dollars have been spent researching treatments for lung cancer. (The actual figure is $1,296,500,000 for expenditures between 2002-2006.) It appears that lung cancer is a glaring example of how our federal government can spend so much money and achieve so little.

Nonetheless, there are encouraging signs on the horizon, but they may not be from the conventional sources of chemo, radiation, and surgery. Today, biological modalities and even integrative approaches are providing hope to millions.

This lung cancer edition of CancerWire focuses on: Conventional Therapies; 2) Causes of Lung Cancer; 3) Traditional Chinese Medicine; and 4) Clinical Trials.

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