MyCancerPlace Visited Over 200,000 Times

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2007
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After one year in existence, MyCancerPlace, the networking website for cancer patients, has had over 200,000 visits, and nearly 6 million page views.

My cancer PlaceMyCancerPlace the "MySpace for cancer," has recently hit several impressive milestones. The site has had over 50,000 visitors from 46 different countries, over 200,000 visits, and nearly 6 million page views. Members have started friendships (actually meeting each other in "real life,"), exchanged treatment information, rallied emotional support, and provided financial relief to those in need.

"It's a wonderful positive community where anyone dealing with cancer is invited to join," explains Michael Horwin, the manager of Cancer Monthly the organization that sponsors the site. "The website is important in two ways - first it allows people to share information and resources which can be critical when making treatment decisions; and second it gives people the chance to create friendships and network with others who are facing the same challenges. You are not alone anymore."

Unlike the better known MySpace and Facebook, the members of MyCancerPlace are not just teenagers or 20 somethings. Members range in age from teenagers to men and women over 70. "Because cancer strikes anyone of any age, we had to make sure our site was user friendly to everyone, regardless of age. Most of our members are in their 40's to 60's, but we also have many over 70 and under 21," Horwin explained.

Social Media sites like MySpace, Facebook, and MyCancerPlace are successful because they address a basic human need to connect with others. Members of MyCancerPlace can do all of the things that one expects - create a profile, write a blog, upload pictures, participate in forums and groups, post events, and invite others to join. "We are just gaining momentum now, we expect to have over 20 million more page views and 150,000 more visitors in 2008. Thanks to this technology, nobody should feel they are alone with cancer," Horwin said.