New Cancer Web Toolbox

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2008
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The International Cancer Community My Cancer Place Adds “Cancer Web Toolbox” to Website

My Cancer Place the international cancer community has recently added a “Cancer Web Toolbox” that provides cancer patients and their loved ones with some of the best cancer resources on the internet all in one place. 

The new toolbox contains: “Health Search Plus” that allows users to search 30 databases plus Google at the same time; CancerWire the cancer e-newsletter that focuses on complementary therapies; the only Treatment Results database that allows users to compare the results of nearly 800 different treatments for cancer; Cancer News from both Google and Cancer Monthly; a Pubmed link to the Scientific/Medical Information; a Cancer Glossary; and a Cancer Drugs database.

“There are great resources in cyberspace for people using their computers to learn about cancer and cancer treatments.  We tried to put some of the best ones under one roof,” explained Michael Horwin the manager of My Cancer Place.

Better organization for various internet resources is desperately needed.  For example, a recent Google search for breast cancer provided over 43 million results, for lung cancer it was over 18 million, and for prostate cancer it was over 14 million results.  The My Cancer Place Toolbox helps web surfers surf more efficiently by concentrating on credible resources, focusing on key databases, and making it easier to answer frequent questions like what various cancer terms mean and the benefit of certain treatments.

Anyone using their computer to research cancer can access the tool box.  However if you want to interact with other cancer patients, a free My Cancer Place membership is required.

Click here to access the Cancer Web Toolbox.
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My Cancer Place.