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1989 asbestos ban overturned

Scientists agree that asbestos causes cancer and other deadly diseases, that thousands of Americans die each year from asbestos-related diseases, and there’s no known safe level of exposure to any form of asbestos.  Yet asbestos is still legal in the US and still found in many common consumer products – even children’s toys.  The US EPA attempted to ban asbestos-containing products in 1989, but that ban was overturned on legal technicalities in court two years later.  
Asbestos found in children's toys

In 2007, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization commissioned independent, certified laboratory testing that found asbestos in common household products, such as spackle, window glazing, and duct tape, and even in best-selling children’s toys, such as the popular "CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit."  Research by others had already found asbestos in some children's play clays.
Will Congress listen to the industry lobbyists?

Congress is expected to hold hearings soon on whether to implement a total ban on asbestos-containing products.  Right now, industry lobbyists are pressuring Congress to institutionalize the allowance of up to 1 percent of asbestos in our industrial materials, consumer products, toys, and other products on American store shelves.  This is unacceptable.  It’s time for a total ban on asbestos in American products.  Sign the petition so your voice can be heard above those of the asbestos industry lobbyists.

Please sign the petition to totally ban asbestos by clicking here.

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