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Ovarian Cancer treatment details. Chemotherapy.

Evangelisches Krankenhaus, Duesseldorf, Germany.

Survival: monthsCountry:Germany
Toxiciy Grade:4City/State/Province:Duesseldorf
Treatments:ChemotherapyHospital:Evangelisches Krankenhaus
Date:Aug 2012


This study involved women with epithelial ovarian cancer who had had no prior radiotherpy or chemotherapy. Patients were divided into two separate treatment groups. Group A had 53 patients with a median age of 61 years. Group B had 52 patients with a median age of 56 years.

Patients in group A were treated with the chemotherapy agents paclitaxel and carboplatin and the biologic therapy agent called lonafarnib, which is an inhibitor of the farnesyltransferase protein and leads to cancer cell death.

Patients in group B were treated with paclitaxel and carboplatin only.

The most severe treatment-related toxicity reported for group A was grade 3-4 diarrhea, alopecia, and leukopenia.

The most severe treatment-related toxicity reported for group B was grade 3-4 nausea, alopecia, and leukopenia.

The median overall survival rates for groups A and B were 34.4 and 47.3months, respectively.

This study was supported by Schering-Plough Pharma.

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