Treatment Information


Melanoma treatment details. Biologic therapy.

Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

Survival: monthsCountry:Austria
Toxiciy Grade:4City/State/Province:Vienna
Treatments:Biologic therapyHospital:Medical University of Vienna
Date:Dec 2006


Patients: Twenty patients with metastatic melanoma participated in this phase II trial. The majority of patients had stage IV cancer, one had stage III c/IV. They ranged in age from 37-74 years.

Treatment: All twenty patients received injections of the biological agent " PF-3512676" (A Toll-Like Receptor 9 Agonist). The number of injections per patient ranged from 3-24.

Toxicity: One grade 4 laboratory toxicity occurred, and 5 patients had grade 3 laboratory adverse events. All normalized without intervention. Three serious adverse events occurred thought to be unrelated to the study medication.

Results: Survival times were not reported in this study. The authors state that ‘objective regression of metastases was seen in lung, lymph node, and ski/soft tissue, and incomplete responses/stable disease.’

Support: Two authors are employed by and own stock in Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. One author has served as a consultant for Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc, which also helped to finance the study. Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc developed PF-3512676 (formerly known as CPG 7909 or ProMune™) and then granted Pfizer development and worldwide marketing rights for PF-3512676.

Correspondence: Dr. Stephan N. Wagner